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Providing financial assistance for seriously ill people in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Since our inception in 2018,

we have distributed$114,855 to residents of our area to assist with covering costs incurred to access health care. Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this possible.


Our vision is raising funds and providing financial support for those experiencing hardship due to extra costs associated with chronic disease and illness. 

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Online auction coming Nov 1 - 8th. 
Watch for info on our Facebook and Instagram Page.

Donations are gratefully accepted. For more information on how you can donate, Contact Patty Wright at (306) 294-8101.

Thank you

Thank you to Patsy Buck who has recently stepped down from the Board. Patsy was a founding member of our organization and contributed many volunteer hours to our success. Thank you Patsy!


Sharon, you are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for coming forward and sharing your story!

“Thank you to SWCD for reaching out to me at a time of great distress and need.

In January 2022, I once again found myself in the hospital with lymphoma non-hodgkins. At first I thought I could take the treatments in Swift Current which would have been okay. I had a place to stay. But when I realized that I had to come to Regina again for the treatments as they didn't do these ones in Swift, I was devastated. How was I going to pay for the trips up and back? My savings account was gone from the first time I had to take treatments five years previous. I was considering not even taking chemo. The pressure for me financially was horrific.

Then the EMO came to me for a community visit and told us about the South West Chronic Disease organization that helps people that need assistance in travel expenses for cancer treatments. I was so sick at the time that I couldn't even fill out the papers. My husband did that for me and I signed it. I felt a little hope then that we wouldn't have to go into debt for this time. I also felt hope because my son just moved to Regina to another job position eliminating the need for accommodations.

It was when I received the letter of acceptance and the amount of eligibility that I just broke down and cried. The relief I felt lifted a great burden.

There are no words good enough to say that can describe the way I felt. A heart-felt big thank you to you and all you do. God bless you abundantly.”

⁃ Sharon

who we are

In December of 2016, a group of dedicated citizens felt there was a need in south west Saskatchewan to assist residents with costs associated with expenses occurring due to chronic illness. The purpose of this organization is to provide a financial avenue to support those expenses.


The South West Chronic Disease Support (SWCDS Inc.) is a non-profit charity that was formed to help those in the communities of Shaunavon, Eastend, Bracken, Climax, Frontier and Gull Lake (and other outlying communities in these areas). Money is raised and funds dispersed through our volunteer board.


Our intention is NOT to exclude any programming available through other support groups, such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Kinsmen Telemiracle, MS Society, etc. or local private fundraisers / trust accounts, but to augment them.


All chronic medical conditions including, but not restricted to Cancer, MS, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Kidney Disease, etc., often require trips to specialists or out of town treatment centres that can become very expensive over time, and assistance with these costs will be our priority.


As we are aware that monetary support is not always possible, our group will also be looking for auction items, door prizes, and volunteerism. We greatly appreciate any and all donations!


Thank you in advance for considering sponsorship of this new organization. Our website will identify the number of residents which have benefited from your generous and financial support.


Please feel free to contact our sponsorship chair, Patty Wright (306) 294-8101, regarding your donation or any other questions you may have.


GIVE TODAY TO HELP those with chronic illness.

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